Who are we?

Little Legends was established to give UAE pre-school and nursery children between the ages of 18 months to 7 years an early opportunity to discover sports in a fun, welcoming and pressure-free environment.


Our core mission is to engage young children, help educate them in a sporting environment, while making sure they enjoy themselves at the same time. We believe sport is an irreplaceable medium in which to help develop children’s self-confidence and we aspire to provide them with a platform from which they can develop their own personal love for sport.


We appreciate that at such a young age, they are very impressionable, have limited attention spans and have a variety of different learning abilities.

That is why we have adopted the world’s best sports education curriculums that have been developed in the UK specifically for this age category


Teddy Sport has been developed in the UK through a collaboration of professional certified coaches, child experts and nursery school teachers in order to ensure your child is getting the best of both worlds – a great introduction to sport and the building of solid technical foundations, while also getting an early tailored education in teamwork, language, numbers and sporting discipline.


Tried and testing in over 20 countries across 5 continents, and with over 20,000 kids, these activities are also proven to aid your child’s early development skills during their prime years and give them an opportunity to build and improve their self-confidence.

For more detailed information on our class structure, our coaches, what further distinguishes us from sports academies, and much more, please check out our Anything On Your Mind? page.


For more detailed information about the individual programs, what they focus on, and what learning techniques they implement, we invite you to click on the logos!

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