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Kids Summer Camp In Dubai | Summer Camp in Dubai

Danube Sports World’s Summer Camp by Little Legends is the first of its kind kids summer camp in Dubai, combining multiple sports, themed weeks, and creative arts so that your child has an engaging and different experience everyday of the week. With a rotational station approach, your child is exposed to over 20 fun-filled different activities every week to keep them wanting to keep playing more!

We maintain our small sub-group sizes with dedicated age brackets within the camp, with a coach-child ration of 1:8 so your child is given the right attention, while also benefitting from the social interaction of a diverse group of children.

A Variety of Activities:

At our Kids Summer Camp in Dubai, we believe in providing a diverse range of activities to keep your children engaged and entertained. From sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, and cricket to creative arts and crafts, adventure-filled obstacle courses, and even themed weeks, there's something for every child's unique interests. They will have the opportunity to explore exciting worlds like 'Around the World,' 'Marvel,' 'Under the Sea,' 'Jungle Safari,' 'Sporting Icons,' 'Outer Space,' and