Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Why should we choose Teddy Sports?

We understand that sometimes it feels like there are about 8785 sports coaches and providers out there at the moment and at first look it may seem we are number 8786. But dig a bit deeper, and you’ll quickly discover we are Dubai’s premier multi-sports education provider dedicated exclusively for early years children. That means all our head coaches have been trained specifically to teach and care for little kids and our classes run games and drills that are designed purposefully to get the best out of your little ones. We aim to educate your child and develop their learning abilities and confidence while also engaging them in sport and activity. They aren’t just adult or teenage sports drills adjusted for little kids (which is generally what happens!)


We guarantee after attending just one of our sessions you’ll see right away why we are different and unique.

More catchy names, but same old? Not quite! Little Legends has hand-picked this world-renowned sports curriculum that has been specifically designed in the UK for the pre-school and nursery age group. Through collaborations between professional certified coaches, child experts and nursery school teachers, these programs have been continuously improved for over 15 years and tried and tested in over 20 countries with over 50,000 kids worldwide in order to ensure your child is receiving the best introduction to sport and athletic (both physical and mental) development over their initial prime years.


What is Teddy Sport?

Let's talk numbers! Not everyone’s cup of tea, so we’ll get right to it. We believe youngchildren require extra attention and dedication. We pride ourselves on our low coach to child ratio where we ensure that there is at least a dedicated coach for every 6 kids, and we limit our group sizes to a maximum of 4 kids for Teddy Tennis and 6 kids for Teddy Soccer to ensure the smooth running of the session so your child gets the right amount of attention and the best service possible.


What are the class sizes?


Who are the coaches?

Our coaches consist of a team of young, international, highly enthusiastic individuals who are all trained and certified in teaching the respective sports curriculums we provide. Our head coaches are also trained and certified in First Aid and Child Protection in order to ensure your kids are in good safe hands. Ultimately, our coaches are really nice people who want the best for you and your child! So feel free to have a chat with them before or after the class as they are always happy to also give you personal feedback on your child’s performance and development.


Are your classes for girls and boys?

Absolutely! We place a high importance on gender equality and encourage both girls and boys to get involved in all the sports we provide. All our classes are open for mixed groups for all the age categories.


Is it possible to sign up after the term has started?

The simple answer is yes, subject to availability. However, we highly recommend they begin at the start of a term and see the course through to get the best results. Our programs are curriculum based – they are designed to introduce your child to sport and for them to have a blast, but also designed to improve their cognitive and motor skills and enhance their overall development over a structured period of time.

Time for the asterisks:

Signing up mid-term is possible if there are available slots in the class (remember we limit group sizes to 4 or 6 depending on the sport for the benefit of the kids). We recommend signing up during our early enrollment times, as this will guarantee your special one a place.


In the event there are no spaces mid-term at your time and location of choice, we’ll do our best to accommodate you at alternatives. If all else fails, we’ll give you a priority pass for the following term provided you’re happy to commit early.


What makes Teddy Sports different to a typical sports academy?

Teddy Sports is a world renowned sports curriculum from the UK that combines education elements and sport in order to improve your child’s early development.

Our sports curriculums have been designed in the UK through a collaboration of professionally certified coaches, child experts and nursery school teachers in order to ensure your child is getting the best introduction to sport whilst ensuring targeted development of their mental and athletic abilities. They have been continuously improved for over 15 years and tried and tested in over 20 countries with over 20,000 kids worldwide.


We focus strictly on a specific age group and place a high priority on developing your child’s mental and physical attributes in an enjoyable, fun, pressure-free environment – this helps improve their self-confidence whilst ensuring they also develop a solid technical foundation in their sport of choice. This strong foundation allows them to then be successful and excel later on in primary school and competitive situations.


A lot of energy and positivity! Other than that, a pair of suitable training shoes and a big bottle of water. They will receive their Teddy Team Kit a their first lesson to wear at classes throughout the term. Our Teddy Tennis cubs will need to bring their own tennis racket (we sell these directly at the classes as well for your convenience and the coaches are best placed to advise you on the correct one for your child), but we provide all the balance sporting equipment that they'll need at the class for your ultimate convenience. 

What does my child need to bring?

Don’t worry, we understand! These things can happen for a number of reasons. (And sometimes, we appreciate maybe you’re simply exhausted after a long hard week at work and just can’t bring yourself to do that car run – we won’t tell!) You will be able to attend a make up class (subject to availability) within the duration of the term, free of charge, provided you've given sufficient advance written notice.

Kindly refer here for the full debrief of our session rules and precise details missed class policy.


What happens if my child misses a class, is not well, or can't make all of them?


Is Teddy Sports new?

Teddy Sports started in the UK more than 15 years ago and is already present in more than 20 countries worldwide.


Additionally, our local management team have more than 30 years between them in Dubai and know the environment and culture well. In fact, our founder grew up in Dubai, completing his primary and secondary schooling in the city!


We therefore appreciate and understand the standard and service quality expected from Dubai and its residents - and we promise to deliver.